February 15, 2006

FOs mixed bag

mix of stuff here, firstly - yes you've guessed it another of my hat fixation:) This one is going to Austria with a friends daughter Sunday. Made of Colinette the tape yarn. Can't remember its name. Weird to knit with and wouldn't want to do too much with it as it doesn't run smoothly. I really must try and find some more quirky hat patterns to do that don't involve circ needles. Least not until I've found someone to show me how to use them properly. Think I may need to find a local S'N'B to visit.
Second item is a cushion made in Colinette(what a surprise) this is I think Crysalis zebra colourway. Not bad to knit with and took just one night. I've edged with sparkly mohair. Needs a cushion in then sealing.
Third picture was in the grove at the bottom of the garden this morning. Aren't they pretty? Our grove always looks best in Spring and another couple of weeks or so should be full of dafs, tulips, fritillaries, crocus and much more. They always wow you as you enter the trees and see them. Will post a pic when its in full show:)
I think I'm Colinetted out for the moment and it almost feels sacriligeous(not sure if thats spelling) to say so. I really want to knit with non funky yarn for a while something say double knit or worsted perhaps? Nothing weird but something that shows the pattern. Having said that I just got a book from library on big crochet and may have to get a large hook and try that:) Oohhh decisions decisions:))
Went to Hebden Bridge today and had a look in the yarn shop there, lots of choice and very welcoming. Didn't have large crochet hooks though so saved my money and went to Organic house for lunch. Yummy tomato and lentil soup with toast followed by Americano. Very squally weather and the hills looked fabulous with all the waterfalls everywhere. DH had a 24 hour blood pressure monitor on so every half hour he had to keep the arm still while it took his BP. Hopefully it will show that most of the time BP not as high and that most of it is the white coat syndrome when he has to sit around waiting to be called in doctors and gets anxious. I know lots of people get it. I fortunately don't, must be something to do with being constantly in and out of hospital from the age of 2 with my health stuff. Just something to get through and get on with fun as much as you can.

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