February 25, 2006

making stitch markers

I decided to make some stitch markers today. Partly because I wanted to send some as a gift for my SP7 and partly 'cause I could:) I've done several sets using gemstones, amethyst, amber, dalmatian jasper. Also done some helping hands ones using some tiny hand charms I've got. Pictures tomorrow. I thought they would be good for swapping with people maybe. Bad day today, way too much pain and I just couldn't get comfortable at all. One of those days where the doing stuff didn't take my mind off the aching. Its been an awful few hours, everywhere I moved it hurt. I'm going to go and finish the noro bag, I'm on the handles now so not much more to do. Think I fancy a change after this, maybe a cushion or two. My sister has a large gipsy caravan and I thought some colourful cushions would look good in it.

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

So sorry to hear you've having a bad day. On mine, I just add to the list of things I'm going to make. I'm looking forward to seeing your stitch markers. I want to have a go at those, but I'm too cowardly.

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