April 17, 2010

Sunshine you make me smile

Spring is here with a vengeance, we have had a week of blue skies and warm days. Everything is waking up in the garden, well almost everything.
Some of our plants have not come through the winter unscathed sadly.

With a need to fill some gaps in the garden we went plant buying yesterday.

new herbs to add to the herb garden. We also purchased a few (quite a few) tomato plants and several chilli plants.
Mr Mog has already planted up some potato tubs so the garden is looking quite a lot better.
Just think of all the harvesting we can hopefully do later in the year.
I have sprinkled calendula and nasturtium seeds in any empty spaces. The nasturtiums to eat and the calendula to make creams and salves with.

Quite a lot has weathered the winter though.

Just look at this tub of sweet violets.
The Laal Bear gave me these last year and I think I shall have to split them after flowering and add some to the borders.
Such a delicate flower and such an exquisite perfume from them.

We have a few different varieties of daffodils or narcissus.
They come in all shapes and shades.
I love the different golds and greens that I can see in the garden at this time.
The pulmonaria or lungwort has also made it through the frost. This variety is sissinghurst white.
Then of course April for me is a Tulip month, both indoors and out:)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Is there anything more gorgeous than tulips and daffodils? I think not.

Sea said...

Tiz always nice to see spring in evidence. My favourite spring flowers are primulas in their natural colours.

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