April 03, 2010

Lulu Lendrum and other stuff

Lulu and I have an uneasy relationship.
We haven't bonded at all sadly.
I was hoping that a few weeks of spinning and getting to know her would make a difference. I've spun some beautifully thin yarn on her but it hasn't been easy
It is almost as though she is testing me to see if I will persevere. I'm enjoying the current fibre very much it is Southern Cross Fibre and very beautiful. It spins easily which is a bonus.
It is the bottom one in this picture.
The top one is the gothic glitz, it is actually far more dark purple and glittery than it looks.

Mr Mog's aunt has been taken to hospital and has acute renal failure. She is currently on a drip and catheterised which is worrying. Theya re going to do a procedure on Tuesday to see what is causing the runs and why she isn't responding to the antibiotics.
It is very worrying when we are so far away.

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Blue Witch said...

Wishing her well - do let me know if there is anything at all I can do to help...

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