April 21, 2010

Beltaine approaches

Beltaine is nearly here. Can you feel the energies rising?
I feel it as a pulse within that increases as the days draw nearer.

A drumming within my body that has excitement, energy and heat as part of it.

Betaine is a fertility festival and yes fertility has it's sexual side and that is a good reason to celebrate;)
But fertility can be a creative urge in other ways.
A need to make things, to plant seeds, to open ourselves to the rising energies and to welcome their effect up on us spiritually and physically.

When you see flowers and trees showing the earth's fertility doesn't it make you smile and feel joyous?
It does for me
Everything is awake now, it hears the Goddess calling. Wake up calls come to us as well.
We just have to listen for them.
Can you see the recumbent lady waiting for the Green Man to come and wake her? She has been sleeping away the winter but now is the time to don her spring gown and go out to play.
My favourite musical has always been Camelot and I love the May day scene. A nod to the pagan rites and something that I felt all those years ago when but a child. I knew Beltaine was a special part of me and my contact with the land.
Each time I am within woods or by the sea it becomes a ritual occasion. I can feel the Lady and the Lord around me. I can sense the great mystery and my small part within it.
This past few days have been like a return to the past in some ways. Clear blue skies, not a plane or vapour trail to be seen.

A return to the magic of wood and water, trees and earth.
Skies that go on forever, especially if one is somewhere such as beach or woods.
No cars then, no planes.
Magic is all around and touches us if we stand still for that touch.
If we are in the moment. Not thinking of where we go next or what we have to do.

Just being there, waiting for the magic that is never far away.
I look at the drums I have around me and I want to play loud, throbbing music. Something to try and emulate what is within me.
A slow beat, becoming louder, faster and more insistent.

To try and capture one fraction of what I feel.
I want to be on lonely beaches drumming softly as the tide comes in, barely heard sound, just a murmur here and there.

That is what the tide feels like to me.

I want to be on a mountain top as the sun rises and the breeze swirls around my face. Then I'd drum louder, louder as Sol rises. Feeling the power of the sun, the warmth and the energy.

I know that the mountain top can sadly only be a dream, no way for me to climb such heights now. But in my mind I'm there, I'm drumming and I'm dancing.

Because it is in my mind and not actually happening doesn't make it any less real.

How do you want to celebrate Beltaine?

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Moth! LucyJ

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