April 20, 2010

Sunshine for femmes

The femmes now have their boots and as it was so sunny today they decided they would like to try a trip into the sunshine:)

Tailtu was quite at home in the buddleia bush.

Their cloaks remind me of exotic butterflies as the sun reflects the shimmering designs.

Airmed was checking out the herbs to see if they are ready to harvest yet. A little early methinks.

Her hair reminds me of the fennel sprigs as they start to grow once more.
They were all eager to try the broomstick but as you can see Nimue got there first.

Blodeuwedd thought her green boots matched the garden perfectly, I suspect she may be right.

Nimue was trying to catch a lift on the train that Mr Mog was sending round the garden but it wouldn't stop at the station for her. Guess she will have to use the broomstick after all

Damona keeps her face hidden most of the time, she looks inward for answers and the questions that go with them.

I love the way the sunlight shows through the felt

They danced in the breeze like exotic birds of paradise.
If any speak to you and you wish them to come and live with you then feel free to leave a comment
Doesn't Airmed blend well with the green man mask Mr Mog made some years ago?
Be well and enjoy the light and the green energies

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