April 02, 2010

Frogs and yarn, a mix for Spring

A mixed start to the Bank Holiday here. Started out bright sunshine and not too chill on the promenade. It is now grey and cold.
But we did see sunshine for a while so that is good.
I've skeined up my latest yarn and I am so pleased with it.
Despite my falling out with Lulu Lendrum I managed to spin 422 yards from just 105g. Not bad going even though the air was quite blue during the making of it:)
Fibre is shetland hand dyed by Mam a Mi etsy shop, my friends Artis Anne and Krafty Kath. Isn't it lush and such a good colour for spring knitting?
I'm still not a happy bunny using the Lendrum, I think I will be taking Mr Mog up on his offer of a new Traveller, as much as anything to give me an easier wheel to spin on in between:)
This is our newest water feature. As you can see it isn't finished yet but it already has residents.
I often wonder how frogs find out there is a new habitat for them. After all we haven't had a pond since last Autumn and only 1 bubble pool which is covered in stones and barely any water to be seen.
Do you think there is an amphibian telegraph that sends out details of new ponds?

This one is staking his claim for sure.

And another picture of my spinning, just because:)

1 comment:

Sea said...

I used to have a frog in my cellar a few years back, he's gone now...or rather I haven't seen "Mr Hoppy" for a while.

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