April 15, 2010

This and that

I've taken delivery of a new spinning wheel, another Ashford Traveller.She tells me her name is Tallulah:)
Lulu the Lendrum has gone to a new home because we were not getting on at all.
I've decided that it was mainly because of my health problems. Having one leg and ankle that are very much bigger than the other side affects my spinning on a wheel that is not a true double treadle. I seemed to push harder with the bad leg which affected the balance and made the fibre jerk as it was taken up by the bobbin.
Total nightmare to spin which kind of defeats the relaxing object doesn't it?

So Lulu went and Tallulah arrived.

She came yesterday and Mr Mog waxed her and put her together for me. I started spinning as soon as she was ready and it is so comforting to be able to spin once more.

It has been a while since we spoke, what has been going on chez Moggie?

We house and cat sit for a friend for a few days. great to have a coal fire once more and having furry friends was a real delight.

Had lots going on with the aged aunt. Sadly she was very ill and ended up in hospital with acute renal failure and various other things.
She is still there but improving a little. She will hopefully be going into a nursing home in the next few weeks as she has accepted she is not able to cope on her own.
It doesn't seem as if she will be moving up to a care home near us but that is ok as it is what she prefers.

MiL is doing really well in her care home, better than we have seen her for many a day. The good food, company and health care are working wonders on her.

Spring is here with a vengeance, lots of warm days and sunshine.

Mr Mog planted potatoes in bags today, peas and beetroot.
Flowers are everywhere adding their colour to the place.

I am very sore but trying to do without my pain relief as much as I can to give my body a rest from all the chemicals.

Looking forward to a trip to Wonderwool next week, a chance to meet up with friends and like minded people.

Working with new tarot cards, waking the wild spirit tarot from Poppy Palin.

and there you have it:)

How is the world with you?


Cecilia said...

Sorry to read about your troubles with Lulu. I'm sure Talullah will make up for it if she's anything like Tilly. Are you bringing her to Guild? Hope very much to see you & Mr. Mog there. Been meaning to phone every evening, but it always ends up being too late at night by the time I flop finally into a comfy chair!

Getting grumpy about Wonderwool - now it looks like I'll be manning the shop all weekend then ...grrrrr...


Blue Witch said...

So pleased everything's sorting itself out.

I wish I knew how you manage to buy and sell wheels so quickly and easily!

Dorothy said...

Pleased you know you have the right spinning wheel now :^)

I didn't realise Lendrums worked like that, little things can make big differences!

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