April 18, 2010

Mainly mohair shawls needing new homes

I'm making space for my handspun and decided to send a few shawls to new homes. If you are interested please leave a comment.
I'm selling these for what the yarn cost only so a great bargain.

First one is handspun 63" x 27" approx. This is unblocked so would go much larger. £15
The next one is mohair and sparkly glitz, very chic:) It has a beaded border. 85" wide x 39" approx, this also would go much larger if blocked. £30
This one is so soft and cozy, shades of green mohair and eyelash yarns 80" x 34, would also block bigger £22
This lilac/purple one is massive:) 75" x 60 length mohair again £20
The next one is shades of autumn and ambers. It measures approx 86" x 40" but as with the others you could make it larger by blocking. This also is beaded on the edge. £30
This one is 74" x 36 and mohair once more:) £25
This last one is the lace shawl I made measures 68 x 35" unblocked, very light and warm mohairs £20
If interested do please leave a comment. I'm willing to ship worldwide at cost.


bee*in*the*balm said...

these shawls are lovely! i'm afraid i can't take one off your hands right now with spring farming expenses coming in but i just have to send a compliment on your work.

Vicky said...

lovely shawls, if you still have the green lace one in the last picture I would love to buy it from you. Hoping to be a Wonderwool so could pick it up there. If that one has gone I also love the handspun one :)

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