April 03, 2010

Not eggs for BW

Blue Witch has a little fun thing going on her blog. The most unusual place to use as an eggcup. Sadly I've run out of eggs but I've improvised with a kiwi:)
First one had to be yarn of course, the latest handspun wound into a ball ready to knit with. Egg yolk colours of course:)

Second still to do with yarn, Shaun volunteered to help me out.
I decided not to wind him up because if it had been a real egg it would have broken with his walking.
A lovely day today, we have been on the prom for a little meander and now I'm thinking of spinning. I'm spinning the most gorgeous gothic glitzy deep purple batt. Pictures tomorrow

1 comment:

Blue Witch said...

Thank you for joining in and spreading the word!

I love the way the top one has a built-in drip-mat, if used with an egg ;)

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