April 18, 2010

les femmes du printemps

I haven't shown you any femmes for awhile have I?

I thought you might like to see the Spring (Printemps) ones. They are awaiting boots but I'm sure you won't mind that:) For some reason this group are of a Celtic nature, hence the tribal designs on their cloaks.

The first one is Tailtiu, named in honour of the Celtic earth Goddess. She wears a fox's head upon her chest. She brings grounding and the bounties of earth with her.

The designs upon her cloak reflect the path she walks, always a spiral as the journey goes onwards never staying still

Secondly we have Blodeuwedd, named in honour of the Spring flower Goddess. As you can see she loves her flowers:)

The colour of her cloak reflects the colours of Spring, her season with all its new growth and beauty. She brings this new energy and inspiration with her.

This is Airmed, she was known for her extensive knowledge of herbs and their uses. Her gift is knowledge, use it wisely.

She wears a Celtic brooch with stones of earth to protect and shield.

Here you see the lady Nimue, lady of the moon. She links with tides of water and woman. Her gift is the ability to work with the phases of the moon. She knows that new beginnings are for the waxing moon as letting go is for the waning.

She carries an image of the great Goddess with her always.

This is Damona,Goddess of fertility and healing. Her spring colours bring hope after the chill and dark of Winter. Hope and promise of brighter days come with her.I hope you like les femmes du printemps:)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Delightful! Love the bright, vibrant colours!

Sea said...

beautiful, I especially like Nimue. :)

aniexma said...

Beautiful! You've a great eye for colour.

Rosie said...

I love them (especially their cloaks).

Rosie said...

I love them (and their cloaks). I wish we could dress ourselves like them every day :)

taranova said...

I LOVE these ones... at first glance I thought Taitui, but as I look more Airmed's charms grow... they all have their special qualities.... gorgeous!

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