October 16, 2009

Of fungi and trees

This time of year I adore being among trees.
Or by water, and if you mix the two of these I'm in heaven:) All these pictures were taken just a short journey from home.
I love textures and the way lichens form on stone and wood.
This bridge is very similar to ones on the Lancaster canal and brings back happy memories of days spent cruising under them while the sun shone overhead. The chill was a delight when you knew you had hotpot or soup bubbling away on the little stove that also heated the boat.
This reminds me of Japanese pictures of temples by lakes.
The inhabitants of this tree root only come out when the people have gone.
This could be an entry to the otherworld don't you think?
This tree has been well trimmed over the years by the look of it.
Strange temples among the trees.

I like to look for paths as always, to other places or other times.
I can visualise so many things when I gaze into woods
This seat was extremely chilly as it is solid stone.
And as the title of the post suggests, there were fungi in abundance on our journey
Around tree roots, under benches, it seemed as though there weren't any places that hadn't been blessed with fungi.

This creature watched us taking pictures and took it all in.
Some fungi preferred a lonely existence.
While some took pleasure in the company of like minded souls.
Tiny clusters all around
This park is built on rock as you can see.
Colours still if you look carefully.

Despite the falling leaves.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a lovely stroll! Thanks for taking us along!

mel said...

These are just gorgeous.....holy places, these woods are...

Oh, and I'm a big fan of fungi -- can't help but snap a piccy of any I see...strange compulsion, but there you have it!


Suzi Smith said...


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