October 25, 2009

Introducing Sylva, femme of the forests

Introducing Sylva,her name means from the forest and she truly is.
She spends most of her time on the outskirts of the greenwoods. Her clothes reflect the lighter areas that you get when you step deep within the mystery of the ancient woodlands. Her name came about from listening to the Nigel Shaw, Carolyn Hillyer CD Riven Inside and specifically the track "Be wary of lovers who come from the Greenwood" She asks that we consider all actions before we make them. It is too easy to be hasty and miss out on the actual journey.

The oak leaf necklet symbolises her love of the trees and nature and her wish to help care for it. That means caring for people as well as things. Do you perhaps need to care for yourself before others? The bird on her wrist tells us we can fly, nowhere is too far to aim for. We have wings should we choose to use them.Do you?

Her cloak has a bee and her hive, there is a mystery within beehives, talk to the bees and they may share a little of it with you.

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