October 28, 2009

Maiden to Crone series Femmes #1 RoseTAKEN

Introducing the first femme in my moon time series.
Meet Rose.
Rose represents our first flowering. Our first period and the changes that occur then. The Maiden aspect of the Goddess.
Her clothes have the blush of pink still alongside the brighter reds that symbolise her passage into womanhood. She wears a bronze pendant of the goddess to remind her that she too is a daughter of the moon as are her mother, grandmother and all her female line.

She carries a wooden spear or staff as did her mother before her. It links her to the earth and helps to balance her as she begins her journey into fertility.
The 2 hands on the edge of her cloak are a symbol of her connection to the past and also to the future. She is a link in the chain of life.The decoration on her cloak is a reflection of the journey she will take. Not always a straight path but a good path.
She brings new hope and creativity to her new home. Understanding that new beginnings can be a way forward for us all.
Rose will soon be on her way to her new home

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