October 28, 2009

Maiden to Crone series femmes #4 Sediana

Introducing the fourth femme in my moon time series.
Meet Sediana.
Sediana is the most feared aspect of the triple goddess series, the Crone. For many women entering cronehood was a trial and a horror, not something to be welcomed. And yet, this is a powerful time in our lives. One where we have much knowledge to share and nothing like the same demands on our time. Possibly some of the fear is that we are nearing the end of our present life on this planet. However, don't forget that from death always comes rebirth. Watch how in nature when a tree casts it's old leaves away you can see the trace of buds for new life.
In our lives that can be something as simple as letting go of a negative or draining object to allow in new potential.
Because we have entered cronehood we are not old. We still have sparkle and colour. We are still warm blooded with passion.
She has a wrapped robe to remind us that in cultures across the world there are taboos. We need to honour them but not let them bind us.
Sediana wears a pendant that says Dream, this is to remind us that we need to dream. From dreams come explanations and ideas to use within our physical lives. Listen to your dreams they can tell you so much.
She has a wolf in one hand, wolves are a pack creature. We need others around us to help nurture our inner child at any age. The wolf can also carry her should she need a little help.
Her cloak carries a serpent shape and beads of blood. There is also a path if you look carefully. Is this a reminder of your path, do you need help to find the way?

I hope you have enjoyed a view of my impressions of the moon time femmes. That is just what it is BTW, my impressions. Yours are probably totally different.
That doesn't make either of us correct, it just means there are many ways of seeing.
Mine is just one.

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