October 25, 2009

Introducing Mackentia, femme of the flames

Mackentia was named in honour of the Goddess Mckenna, her name means born of fire. Her moon times are a blessing to her, she achieves so much within them. They help her to overcome all obstacles if she makes the most of her potential. Not always easy but her feet are firmly on the earth whatever she does.

She carries a blood red staff to help her on her journey and to remind her that periods are a blessing, never a curse. Her necklet is the moon and she is shown either waxing or waning depending on which way you move the charm. Both necessary to a balanced life. Waxing for energy, waning for letting go.

Her cloak has blood red beads and trails of deepest crimson fibres. They suggest a journey and the word empower on the charm is there to help that journey along.
As I said on one of my other femme posts, red is not easy to photograph of an evening sorry

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