October 16, 2009

Elsewhere and handspun

I've finished my Winter Solstice Elsewhere. I love the colours in this. I wanted something that reflected winter skies in all their glory. I think I've captured that:)

It still needs blocking but I made this slightly larger to allow me to layer something under it for winter.

I love knitting with bluefaced Leicester aran yarn. I purchased it from Bluefaced.com and recommend them for undyed yarn and fibre.
I've also been spinning, so has Mr Mog but that is another story altogether.
This is some Falkland tops from FeltstudioUK, that I purchased in a ravelry destash. My first spinning of Falklands fibre and it was so easy. It practically spun itself:) I'm still spinning thick and thin in parts but it is getting better I think. I love Daniella's colours. They are very muted for me but a delight none the less.
This was before I set it, it is now on the line drying.
I got 334 yards from 200g which I'm inordinately pleased with:)
Currently on the wheel is some glittery fibre from Laal Bear, my first glitter yarn. Laal Bear's batts are so soft and she dyes such luscious colours. Today the sun is shining and it makes such a difference to my spirits. I'm awaiting a parcel of fibre then I hope to go and take the air on the promenade.
My next blog post has a giveaway for Samhain so stay tuned:)


mel said...

I have such fibre-envy!! I am utterly awed at this wonderful, brilliant, *rooty* - don't know how else to describe something so...well, rooted in the Earth - spining/dyeing/knitting process...And I think it's so cool that Mr.Mog has joined in the fray...a family who spins together...:)


I really ought to learn how to knit...


PS. Am working on a post about your shawls....just to give you fair warning...:)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's gorgeous -- love those colours!

Suzi Smith said...

Love the colours... surely thick n thin is called 'texture' lol. The elsewhere is gorgeous too...and the samhain shawl is scrummy... x

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