October 10, 2009

And so the add1ction grows, even to the extent of tempting others.

Why did no one tell me how addictive spinning could be? Why did they let me walk into it with eyes closed, not knowing the torment that would ensue? Who knew just those few short weeks ago that I'd be addicted? What is more not just addicted but forcing(VBG) my husband to take up the self same craft.
We went to the local guild yesterday morning and there was an ad for an Ashford traddy from one of the members.
Yes I know, I have one already BUT I want to put a jumbo flier on it for plying yarns because I can't put one on my double drive traveller. Then said husband pulled a face and said "But I want to learn to spin" After all we had tentatively agreed this was going to be his wheel to practice on.

The upshot is we are now a 3 wheel family, 2 for me and 1 for him. Well 1 .5 each if we are being exact as we will both use the jumbo to ply on.
Meet Claudia the newest member of the family. Why Claudia? Do you remember the song Laudy Miss Claudie? That is exactly what I thought when seeing them posing so prettily for their picture to be taken.
So we now have Myrtle the original traddy, Claudia the new one and Tilly the travelling one:)

I have warned him that he needs to keep his hands off my fibre stash though.


Sea said...

Look forward to seeing the results, before and after being knitted up. How handy, hubby can spin while you knit...lol :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

OMG, your addiction is spinning out of control! hee hee!

Suzi Smith said...

lol, amber.... i love their names... i can see midnight fibre raids & fierce denials on both sides when his own stash grows!!

aniexma said...

You two are hilarious!

Sue Simpson said...

Hmmmmm me thinks we should set up a fibre fund for Mr Mog? lol.

yarnivorous said...

Once you start on the dark path (of spinning), forever will it dominate your destiny! It *is* addictive, isn't it? And three wheels already! I've still got just one but my Little Gem has enormous bobbins (they take easily twice what my old Traddy did).

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