October 28, 2009

Bartering for femmes and inspiration

In answer to many emails regarding the latest femme series I would certainly love to barter for them. I am always looking for gorgeous fibre for spinning or luscious yarn to knit with. I also love other peoples art. I f you wanted to trade for a femme do please contact me. We are all connected within this web of creativity and it is good to see and own other folk's art.
Inspiration, where do you find it?
I love to be among trees or by the sea. I enjoy colour and most especially vibrant colours.
I find that after creating femmes I need to top up my inspiration chests. It is almost as if I use up all the colour and ideas within and need more.
A while in my favourite habitats fills me with wonder and joy. It stops me feeling too drained emotionally when finishing a piece.

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Vicky said...

Yes, the colours of the land as it changes with the weather and the seasons. The hedgerows and woods and wild windswept moors, the sun dappling through trees and the sea with all it's different moods and colours, the dark sky with stars, moonlight..........

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