October 28, 2009

Maiden to Crone series femmes #2 Marinnana

Introducing the second femme in my moon time series.
Meet Marinnana.
Marinnana represents our most fertile stage, the mother figure. Her fertility is at its fullest strength and power. Part of her name is Innana to honour the great Goddess of sexual love and of course fertility. She brings energy and life force to all she touches. Her power is still a little erratic but more focused.
She carries the wooden staff of her ancestors also, a means of ensuring that throughout all her workings of the great mysteries she is rooted firmly on the earth. Her pendant is the Goddess Isis, the wings outstretched to signify her nurturing and protective aspects.

The back of her cloak carries blood red beads and embroidery as a means of showing her fertility. With her by your side on your journey she will bring the energy and nurturing you require within your life.

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