August 01, 2009

A recipe for Lammas - harvest fool and cakes of yarn

As it is Lammas I thought you might like a recipe to celebrate. One that uses the last of the blackcurrants and the first of the blackberries in its construction. It can be made entirely with either or indeed with any soft fruit. I've also made it with apples and with rhubarb.
First take equal amounts of black currants and blackberries, add to a pan together with a spoonful of water to stop the pan burning and raw cane sugar to taste.
Bring to simmering point then turn off and leave covered to allow the juices to flow and the puree to cool. While this is happening take a carton of double cream and a carton of creme fraiche from the fridge.
Add cream to bowl and whip until it forms peaks

When it reaches this stage fold in the creme fraiche.
Rub the fruit through a sieve to extract the pips

giving a beautifully glossy thick liquid. Taste at this point to check on sweetness. You don't want it too sweet, this needs to have a little acidity to it.
Fold the puree into the cream/creme fraiche mix. Pour into wineglasses and fridge until ready to eat.

If you can wait that long:)
This is also great made entirely with yogurt or mix of yogurt and cream or creme fraiche. I (We) like it all of those ways.
Then we have some yarn cakes, not for eating but for knitting with.

The yarn looks entirely different when wound doesn't it? I love these autumnal colours
I have of course cast on my elsewhere jacket, well the yarn was calling me:)


Laal Bear said...

The fool looks yummy and so does the yarn :0)

Bryony Ramsden said...

Yummy! You've made me hungry now... But it is breakfast time :)

And the yarn is looking fab - I had to look back and see how different it looked and check if it was the same yarn ;)

Blue Witch said...

Sieving for pips! I must be so dim, I've never thought of doing that...

Have you got ripe blackberries already up your way? Ours will be another couple of weeks yet I think. if the bastard wasps don't get them first.

Gorgeous coloured wool.

And it's getting very autumnal in the early mornings here now.

You seem to be feeling a bit better, from your posts? Hope it continues.

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