August 18, 2009

A low day

We had a trip to Cheshire this past weekend. I'd already arranged it for Mr Mogs birthday before the Quo thing came up so we went. It was ok but a few niggles took some of the fun off it. We also did hardly any of the things we had planned due to it still being school holidays.
Reminder to self NEVER go away again in the school holidays. What a nightmare, everywhere was totally crowded, the motorways were jammed and also the other roads. We went from plan A to plan B to plan C and never got to any of them.
BUT it was good. I'm low today. Some of it is tiredness, nay more weariness than tired I think, I have no energy and feel yuck. One of those days where tears are very close to the surface.
I usually get a little bit this way when my birthday approaches, not sure why. Maybe the passing of another year and not being any healthier. My joints hurt more and more and it doesn't make me smile.
It is new moon Thursday and I am hoping that will herald in more positive energy as Leo makes it self known. I am a Leo after all so surely it should share some of its energy with me?
I have been knitting and I'm on the final stages of my third Elsewhere jacket. The one done in autumn shades. I love it and I hope you will once it makes its appearance within the blog.
Not much else to say really, don't want to depress you lot:)


Joy said...


Roobeedoo said...

Oh Amber - everyone is allowed to feel low sometimes! Immerse yourseldf in your lovely knitting and the cloud will lift, I'm sure! Thanks for your comments over on my blog too. Hugs.

Kandi said...

Enjoy your days. Things go up and down. As you know, you watch the cycles of the year. We are coming up on another turn, and things are moving and shifting. Just be fluid, and go with the shifts.
Bright Blessings and Dark Dreamings,

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling great.
I always feel depressed around my birthday time too. Once it has passed then I perk up again.
Maybe it is the time of year as I have been feeling close to tears for a couple of weeks now or maybe it is the things going on in my life below the surface lately.
Looking forward to some changes after Thursday's new moon.

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