August 25, 2009

Meet the new member of our family:)

Please say welcome to the newest member of our family:) Thanks to a very generous fellow yarn enthusiast(thank you Pennie) Myrtle joined our family today.
She has promised faithfully to teach me how to use her so do watch this space. I am so thrilled as I have wanted to try spinning for a while now and this is my chance.
I did have a go many moons ago but sadly the wheel was too small and I think I just wasn't ready.
Myrtle comes with her own accessories and is quite prepared to be patient with me as I learn all about her.


enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I hope that the three of you will be very happy.

Just make sure that Myrtle knows her place and who is the mistress in your home.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Congratulations and joy to you both! Myrtle will bring you peace and happiness (that's after the learning curve, of course...)

Cat Feathers said...

Oh, how wonderful! You got your wheel and she's a traddy :) What a fabulous friend.

I think BW has a traddy, as do I - they're lovely wheels. On a practical note, I believe you can get a kit to adapt them to be double treadle, if ever you want to go that route - I know you've mentioned it as a preference in the past.

Charity said...

Hooray! What a wonderful addition to the family! :o)

Blue Witch said...

Can I come and stay and join in too? I still haven't mastered it properly. Probably becuase I never give it the time it needs.

Have fun!

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh how lovely! lucky you!
i have always wanted to try but imagine the state i would get in!

fibreclaireUK said...

Fantastic Ambermoggie - doing the happy dance for you here : )

Both our wheels will share a birthday - spooky!!! LOL

Artis-Anne said...

Fantastic Amber :) I just know that you and Myrtle will get on famously. I am as excited as you and welcome to the world of spinning ;)

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