August 21, 2009

Birthdays happen to us all

Today is my birthday. I always have a stressful week prior to it happening. Something in my mixed up make up dreads it. It started prior to my 50th when I was convinced I wouldn't get there. Now it is just a case of a week of lows prior. But I made it and here I am:)
I've had some gorgeous cards and gifts. My dear Mr Mog has bought me a new computer which I collect this afternoon. I already have a decent monitor etc so our local computer firm have built me this new tower set up. It has the new windows 7 on it as I didn't want Vista and have heard good things about 7. It is the beta version and I'll (hopefully) be upgrading when it comes out officially in October. My computer is a few years old now and sometimes shows it. It doesn't like to turn on and takes several goes to do so. Our computer bod reckons it is fixable so I am hoping to find someone locally who would like to trade me a spinning wheel for it. A girl can hope can't she? Yes I fancy having a(nother) go at spinning. We will see.
We are going out to lunch with DD and partner and my grandsons. Haven't planned anything else for today as that will be enough with current health stuff. I woke this morning with a tremendous stitch or pull that goes clean from my neck to my shoulder blade and lung area. Not comfortable at all.
But enough of the depression. The sun is shining, it is new moon and it is my birthday. Fun fun fun:)


Blue Witch said...

Happy Birthday dear Amber.
Do hope this year will be a good one for you.

Artis-Anne said...

Happy Birthday Amber and I do hope you have fun ,fun, fun all the way today and for a long time to come. Will x fingers that you get a spinning wheel too ;)
Annie xx

Cat Feathers said...

Happy Birthday Amber.

WendyJ said...

Happy Birthday. Sorry you're not feeling tip-top, I don't look forward to birthdays either.

Brahdelt said...

Happy birthday! *^v^*
Today is my name's day, so we can celebrate together. ~^^~

Antoinette said...

A very happy (and belated) birthday to you Ambermoggie! I hope it was fun and gorgeous for you!

Very best birthday wishes to you.

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