August 13, 2009

Yarn love affairs(or not) and happy birthday Mr mog:)

I was perusing a destash thread on Ravelry today that included Colinette yarns. I saw it and passed on to the next message.
At one time the mere mention of Colinette yarns would have had me interested, but no more. I am not sure if it was the abundance of knots in the yarn, the mismatched colour when they tied new strands on or the short yardage on the jitterbug that soured my love affair. Any and all of those I think.
At one time Colinette yarns used to be the one to go for. Her colours were, and still are, exquisite. Sadly nowadays ,for me at least, the quality control seems to have totally gone to pot. Several skeins I've had have been knotted, not just one knot but several:( The colours leach when I am knitting, all marks of a beginner in yarn dyeing not a long established firm.
I still love the old skeins of mohair I have in my stash but wouldn't buy more. This is just my opinion based on the yarns I've purchased over the past too many years to remember.
A lot of indy dyers are doing much the same style of colours as she is, she is no longer the only one.
I know also that as I've continued to knit over the years my taste has changed. Am I a yarn snob? Yes maybe. I care what yarns I knit with, I want comfort as the yarn passes through my hands so no cotton and no silk. No acrylic and no chenille. No hasty dyeing where the dyer hasn't rinsed the yarn properly causing stained hands and needles and in some cases skin problems.
I want fabulous lift your spirits colours. I want colours that zing and say "knit me now". colours that resonate within my soul, reflecting the beauty that surrounds us.
I like choosing colours to mix in a dye pot that reflect who I am at that moment and what my muse craves.
I do love indy dyers, I love their enthusiasm and their eye for colour. So have your tastes changed in yarn? What are your favourites? Some day I'd like to try the Sanguine Gryphon yarns and maybe Mama Blue. Not important and not necessary but interesting to give them a go.
On another note;-

Tomorrow is Mr Mog's birthday and as this approaches I thank the Goddess that he is here with me for this auspicious day. I give thanks for his smile and his patience with me when my pain becomes too much and I snap. I give thanks that I finally found my prince after kissing too many frogs. I give thanks that his cancer was caught speedily and that he is being treated for it.
I give thanks that he shares my life with me and always my love
Happy Birthday Mr Mog.


Antoinette said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Mog, (I prefer a Mog to a Frog any day...heheh). And may he be healthy and flourish for many more birthdays to come!

Helen said...

Happy Birthday, Mr Mog!

Charity said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Mog!

I must admit, I've become a bit of a yarn snob myself, of late. Although I'm a bit different from you - I love to wear both cotton & silk, so will happily knit with them! :o)

Blue Witch said...

Happy Birthday Mr Mog! Hope you have an enjoyable day.

I've over-heard more than one discussion at my crafty groups and Guild about the falling quality of Colinette yarns, so it's not only your opinion. I think it's really sad when once reputable companies jump on the profit bandwagon and neglect quality.

Georgina (remote knitter) said...

Many happy returns to Mr. Mog!
Colinette herself has retired I understand, so perhaps there are transitional, (or permanent)hiccoughs. I lost that lovin' feeling for Colinette yarns when a lovely Raveler went uncredited for a design - poor show I thought.....

Cinders said...

Happy Birthday Mr Mog. I'm so glad you can celebrate together.
I'm a bit biased where Indie dyeing is concerned (cant think why!) and also am def a yarn snob.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Happy Birthday Mr Mog! May it be a good one!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Happy Birthday Mr Mog. Glad you enjoyed Status Quo. I hope that you were rocking in the aisles.

I am glad that you found your prince Ambermoggie I am still at the frog kissing stage!

Probably Jane said...

Happy Birthday Mr Mog - he is indeed a Prince among men!

There really are some fabulous indie dyers out there - I particularly love the Yarn Yard and the Knitting Goddess for their yarns and Lime Green Jelly and the Thylacine for their wonderful spinning fibres.

Shame Colinette have rested on their laurels....

Jean said...

I hope you had a lovely day with your husband. My taste in yarns have definitely changed. I used to knit with man made fibers, but now love knitting with wool (especially merino), cashmere, angora, baby alpaca and silk blends. It is necessary for me to knit with cotton as I live in Southern California and warm weather for most of the year.

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