August 23, 2009

An (almost) wordless walk along the canal bank

All of this within just a short stretch of canal

there were dozens of wasps around this nest but I didn't seem to capture any in the picture

Notice the rubbish, sadly a big part of our inland waterways now:(

These pictures were taken at Ellesmere Port last weekend on a very small section of the canal towpath. It is amazing what beauty can be seen


Anonymous said...

it is a beautiful part of the country. We came up to Llangollen and went through Ellesmere Port last week. I played cricket in Chester and Pershore so we stayed near Llangollen so Rog could go to the railway for a day.

laoi gaul~williams said...

i love canalboats so much. a childhood friend is a teacher and musician and live on one in birmingham. my granddad also lived on one on the thames and my dad bought one for my family to live on but my mum refused...which makes me sad to this day.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Lovely views of your walk.

I hopr that the wordless was only confined to the blog and not to you and Mr Mog as you walked along!

Autumn is certainly here. Why do I feel that we missed summer altogether this year?

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