August 23, 2009

It is a very berry Autumn:)

Once blogger stops playing silly beggars I'll show you some pictures to go with this post. It has so here you go:)
I love the elsewhere jacket pattern as you have probably guessed so I'm making another one. This time the yarn is dyed in luscious berry shades to honour this season.

I also decided to start the new shawl pattern from Ysolda, Damson. Surprisingly enough I'm also making this in berry shades:) I purchased some Violet Green sock yarn from a rav destash and it is perfect for this pattern.

It has rained most of today and it is very windy. While sitting here I can see all the starlings gathering on the roof tops and all the swallows meeting up on the telephone wires. A sure sign of Autumn and that the swallows are getting ready to return to Africa for the winter.
Today I don't blame them at all:) I haven't been over the doorstep, much too sore and much too cold for this moggie.
I've spent some of the day uploading my CDs on the computer so I can add them to the Nano. It is good to have a speedy computer and I love windows 7. It is everything XP was and then a little bit more. I don't like Vista so I was pleased to be able to get this beta 7 on the machine. It officially is released on 22nd October I think and I will be there in the queue for it:)


aniexma said...

Love the colours!

So glad to hear an early review of 7, I can't stand Vista!!!!!!

Roobeedoo said...

ooh delicious colours!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Lovely colours that you will be using for the next projects.

I am with you with your opinion of Vista. I was very grateful for the gift from my family of a new computer but even after 18 months I still can't get fond of Vista. I miss the things that XP had.

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