August 29, 2009

Would you like to see my first yarn?

I've spun my first yarn and I thought you might like to see pictures. It is a long way from perfect but it is all spun by my fair hands and for that I love it.

The fibre was given to me, the fuchsia and turquoise by the kind person who also gave me the wheel. They are merino.
The brown is blue faced leicester from Laal Bear.
I spun the blue first, there are 37 yards here. Very thick and thin but still yarn. You would pay a lot of money to purchase something similar from the likes of Colinette:)

I spun this second and there are 28 yards here, getting better do you think?
I spun this last and there are 48 yards. Looking a bit more like proper yarn maybe?
I haven't set the yarn yet, I just wound it off the bobbins so I could see it in the skein. Great excitement while doing so. I still put too much twist in but hey give a moggie a chance I am a beginner after all.
I've now almost run out of fibre. I love Myrtle, she is such a classy lady and is very understanding of my beginner attempts. I hope to make her glad she has joined our family once I start to spin correctly.
I love the meditative quality of spinning.It slows you down and even though the movements of drafting and spinning the fibre aren't yet second nature I am getting the zen like appeal of it all. It rocks:)
I haven't seen the moon yet this cycle. The weather has been dreadful and we have had overcast or wet nights most of the past 2 weeks. This evening we have had the heating on for 20 minutes to take away the chill as I was frozen despite several layers of clothing and thick socks. Autumn is definitely on the way now and I'm glad. The summer has been a weary one for me. Haven't had many days when I can say the pain was more bearable. Certainly haven't had any pain free days to speak of. I am hoping that the autumn will herald in a period of dry crisp days where my body can have a little respite.
Plus I love autumn. I love the smells , the tastes, the colours and the general energy of the season.
Right I'm off to watch Morse. Pictures tomorrow of current progress on very berry Elsewhere jacket.


Sea said...

The yarn is lovely, I was thinking of trying...eventually, but with just a spindle.
I wonder if you could spin any animal hair into yarn? Does it need to be long fibres?

dominiqueknitting said...

I admire the way you keep on trying new stuff. I am not a spinner, but to me it sounds like a great way to chill out...

Linda said...

Lovely first yarns, I love the colours. I am going to really practice my spinning this winter.

Artis-Anne said...

Great first yarns Amber , treasure them :)

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