August 11, 2009

What did you do at the weekend?

What exciting things did you do at the weekend? I took Mr Mog here to see this group as a birthday surprise.

I always think of this area as the Isle of Apples and as you can see it is aptly named.Isle of Avalon does mean just that, isle of apples:)
We were very lucky with the weather. It had rained right up to Thursday evening but Friday dawned fair.

We didn't have any rain at all , in fact it was rather too warm on the Friday for my liking. Lots of water helped though.

The shops here are quirky to say the least and they always send me home brimming with creativity and wanting to express some of the colours within my artwork.
Doesn't she remind you of Lydia?
Can you see the Green Man in this tree trunk, he is winking at you:)

We both love Glastonbury and haven't been since before Mr Mog started radiotherapy last spring so we were long overdue a visit.
Mr Mog loves the music of the Quo so it seemed an ideal gift for his significant birthday this week. It took me months of trying to get tickets as they were sold out as soon as they became available but thanks to the positive vibes from many friends and the power of the Internet I managed to get 2. I told him last Monday before his latest oncology appointment that he would be Somerset bound on the Friday. Guaranteed to take your mind of oncology appointments that was:)
It wasn't easy planning it, all the B&Bs in the town were fully booked for the weekend of the Extravaganza but eventually after dozens of emails I found a delightful place in Street just 2 miles from Glastonbury. We would definitely stay there again , we were made very welcome and the room was gorgeous.
Friends of ours were also going down for the concert so we met up with them on the Friday when we got down there. I always enjoy the atmosphere in the town. I start to search the horizon as we come off the motorway at Bridgewater and there is always great excitement when the first glimpse of the Tor is spotted.
With all the sights sounds and smells you know when you have arrived. Old hippies by the church, incense drifting from all shop doorways. Yes Glastonbury est ici.
No matter how many times I come to visit what I think of as my spiritual home it still makes my pulse race.
Why do I leave it so long between visits? I think this place will always call me and always tug at my heart.
Saturday evening soon came round and it was time to wend our way to the abbey grounds for the concert. Us and many thousands more it seemed.

We took water and chairs but there were many with tables, chairs and picnic hampers. One couple we saw had a dining table set with white linen, crystal glasses and silver candelabra. another world:)
The support act were Bjorn Again, an Abba tribute band. They were ok although I am not an Abba fan. It must have been quite hard for them knowing that everyone was waiting for the Quo. They did a good set though and played all the old Abba hits.
To watch the sunset from the grounds was wonderful, such incredible colours.
As soon as the sun set it cooled considerably but we were well furnished with more layers of clothing to keep us warm.

When the Quo came on stage you must have heard the roar of appreciation all over Somerset.
They hadn't lost any of their energy and were soon into their act. I've never been an out and out Quo fan but even I enjoyed listening to them against the backdrop of the sunset.

It isn't easy to take pictures when there were so many bright lights on the stage but I think Mr Mog did a good job with my digital camera for these.
All too soon they were doing their final song and it was nearly time to go.
Just time to see the firework display of which this is my favourite picture.
Can you see the sky unicorn dancing? Do you think he enjoyed the gig?
We did, especially Mr Mog. I was so glad I could arrange this chance of a lifetime trip for him.


Crobbles said...

What a fantastic time :-)
I'm so glad you have had such a lovely trip.

Vicky said...

So pleased you were able to visit Glastonbury qand I know that feeling of excitement well.

I can see an elephant in the fireworks!

Joy said...

What a wonderful trip Amber. I almost feel as though I have been there with you!

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh how amazing! well done you for arranging such a special weekend.
i saw quo when they supported queen on their 'magic' tour~many years ago now and they were great!

oh glastonbury~is'nt it funny how so many people have such an attatchment to the place, i am convinced it is more than just coincidence.

Blue Witch said...

So pleased 2 tickets found you!

And that you had decent weather down there.

Hampers said...

Nice blog with nice pictures. enjoyed going through your blog. keep it up the good work. cheers :) keep on posting....!

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