November 30, 2008

A wintery wonderland with knitting

Friday we went up to Cumbria to see Mr Mog's aged parent and to stay over with friends for the night. It was very icy,snow everywhere and extremely cold. Most of the pictures I took came to nothing as there was a blizzard to travel in. I do have some pictures to show though.

This gives you some idea of the kind of weather we came home in. It became much foggier than this the nearer we got to home.
The trees are stunning in their naked beauty.
This is a path you can see from the road over Whinlatter,near Keswick.
The view of Bassenthwaite Lake from the top of Whinlatter.
Another view towards the top of Whinlatter .
Just an idea of the snow going over Dunmail Raise towards Keswick from Ambleside
Yet we also had some sunshine

This morning's view from the promenade looking over towards the Lake District Hills.

I received the above letter of thanks for the Hospice socks from St Johns. What it should have said was a big thank you to everyone who helped and encouraged this project.

I have been knitting for Yule gifts. A moebius cowl with a mixture of sock yarn, rayon glitter yarn and mohair hand dyed.

This cowl is for me and is made from some wonderful hand spun/hand dyed yarn that Artis Anne made me. Isn't it lovely? It feels so warm to wear.

These socks are made with blue faced Leicester yarn that I dyed, these are for a gift.
Then this morning we woke to magpies on the roof opposite. Just 2 here but there were 5 at one stage. I love magpies.


Unknown said...

I don't know if my other comment went through or not - but just wanted to say hello and compliment your photos!! Looks like gorgeous places, and thanks for the links so I can check them out.

Your SP13

Anonymous said...

Silver and joy from the magpies then!

Wonderful views. I love pics where the clouds are below the tops.

Laal Bear said...

Those Magpies def brought you silver :0) U x

Jean said...

Really beautiful scenery. The yarn that you knitted your cowl with is really pretty, I like the colors. I am quite excited about receiving your femme.

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