November 19, 2008

An apology and Femmes left

First I must post a sincere apology for my oversight. 2 of the pairs of socks were made for the hospice . 1 pair by Gourdon Girl and 1 pair by Jane's probably knitting. I am sorry, I just got carried away with the number of socks to go to the hospice. I hope you will forgive me. It is still same number going it just means that only 37 pairs were made by me. I had meant to post about the 2 pair and I was just so excited I forgot. There was no intention to take credit.
The socks are going on Monday morning to St Johns , watch out for photos later that day:)

Now to the femmes, some have gone but these are still awaiting a new home if anyone is interested?
Artemesia loves to paint at any time, she sketches her dreams in colour. Her colours bring joy to all who see them, in what ever media she works. She carries a replica of the Egyptian Goddess Bast with her, the goddess of the sunrise and protector of all who need her, especially women,children and cats:)
Mara carries hope and forgiveness. We have to try new paths sometimes and she goes with us to show the way. There is no right or wrong path, just what suits us.
Lorelee lives within the greenwood. She spends her days communing with the creatures of the trees and her nights in communication with the moon. She treads the world at dawn and dusk when the veils are thinnest. Dragonflies attend her, bringing their beauty and colour to the woodlands.
Firadella is fire ,creativity and joy. She also holds a key and hers is for the journey. There are many doors that we hesitate to open. This could be the key for yours. Spirals send new energies to our projects
Luciali balances her inner and outer selves as any Libran tries to do. The spiral at her neck reminds us that the path goes onwards, it isn't a closed circle. We don't have to stay in the same place. She helps us move on, all be it in our artistic self or our inner person.
Fellina adores her cat and it goes with her on all her journeys. A touch of earth grounding to counter all her fiery energy. Fellina brings out ideas and makes them happen.
Mayamei is of the earth and more at home in forests where she blends in easily. She brings strength to new ventures. The bees tell us that sometimes there is strength in numbers. In past times green was the colour for luck and for protection on new ventures.
Veelia is a shape shifting femme. The mask she wears hides her inner self and protects it from harm when she tries new things. The butterfly lends wings to her efforts and the cat helps her to stay grounded. She isn't afraid to move forward and embrace the new.
Serephina holds traces of Autumns glory, shown here by the oak leaf on her dress. She is a true fire or sun goddess. The bee and bee hive represent the sweetness of life and bees are a part of the great mystery in the way they journey to find pollen and return safely to the hive. The sun she wears is a foreseeing of the turn of the year at Yule and the return to the light and the warmth. Serephina brings hope,joy and fruition with her.
Kualina in honour of Kuan Yin the goddess of compassion. As an artist, her palette and brush are equally at home with fabrics,canvas or yarn. The crescent moon represents her inner spirit,at one with the moon. Kualina brings spiritual blessings and inspiration with her,

Luciana is named for the goddess of fate and luck and in her honour she wears the dice. Lady Luck rolls the ways of chance and fortune for us. She also wears the dice to remind us that we can choose our own road and we are not just dependant on the winds of change. A dice has many sides and we have many paths to choose from. Cats throughout time have been symbols of luck, especially black ones. The star is a symbol of what we can aim for.

I am always agreeable to trades:)


Meg said...

I would love to have Fellina in my home if she is not already spoken for. My dear Abbychan went ahead of me this year and I would love to have Fellina as a reminder (as if I could forget). Please e-mail me with the details. Thank you very much. And huge congrats on your hospice project!

Meg said...

And if Fellina is taken maybe I could just attatch a little black cat to Firadella ... let me know. Also, are you going to knit more socks? I could trade you sock yarn for one of "the Girls". Have a wonder-filled day!

Jean said...

I am hoping you received my email inquiring about one of your femmes. I like the little stories that accompany each of your dolls.

Just Me said...

I've emailed you to see how to get one of the femmes but not heard from you yet. What do I have to do ;)

Did you get to use the yarn I sent?

yarnivorous said...

Oh what nifty little dolls! And you've made so many pairs of socks for the hospice. Can you use a pair of ladies size nine cotton/wool blend as well?

Probably Jane said...

What a wonderful achievement! Absolutely no need for an apology. I was delighted to be able to support your generous work.

Pixie said...

Well done on all the socks for the hospice.. what a special person you are :))

I have to also comment on your adorable Femmes.. hope they all found good homes.. love the stories with them..

Do you still have the 80cm harmony needles for sale? would love to buy them from you if you do..

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