November 13, 2008

I spy femmes and hospice knitting

A teaser post:) The femmes are almost ready as you can see. Well you can nearly see as I did one blurry for fun.
I think you can see they are nearly ready to leave for their new homes.

These ones apparently have a story to tell and it will accompany them on their journey. As I sat meditating on trimmings and beads a story came into my head about the femmes and I hope you will like it. We are a little further on than you see and hopefully they will be ready for first proper viewing tomorrow evening. First we have a lunch appointment with some Ursine friends of ours.
Don't forget if one of them calls to you message me as they are most probably the last for this year and I don't like to (can't) repeat them
Hospice socks, thanks to ALL of you who helped me through this year of hospice sock knitting I'm almost finished for this year. I'll be finishing the last sock for 1st December and then they are off to the hospice. Pictures will follow of the completed group. I'm donating early so they have time to decide if they want to sell them for funds or donate to the patients for Yule. I'll let you know more later. When I started back in January I hoped to make 1 pair for each lunar month,making 13 in all. As I'm sure you are aware, after reading my blog this year, there are way more than that. Many more. You still have time to make a guess on actually how many pairs will be going to the hospice. I'll close entries next weekend. Prize is a femme and a skein of hand dyed yarn.
What about next year? Well I'm going for my hat trick of 3 years knitting for the hospice. What to make after shawls then socks? I'm going with the suggestions on here and making hats plus fingerless gloves. What do you think?


Jean said...

I don't know how I missed seeing your contest earlier, but I will guess that final count will be 31 pairs of socks. The prize sounds fab and I look forward to seeing photos of the socks.

Anonymous said...

21 or 26.

Ooops that's two guesses. I'm not allowed to use my Powers for games of chance y'see, so I have to hedge my bets ;)

I hope they give them to the patients. They would bring a lot of joy and colour to them at this time of year. That's worth a lot more than the money they'd get for selling them for funds.

Just Me said...

Do you have a green femme? Green speaks to me :)

Hats and gloves sounds good to me.

Laal Bear said...

That purple one lurking in the top pic looks cool U x

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I think hats are a good suggestion. Gloves and mitts would also be a good idea but I am not sure about fingerless ones unless they wear them indoors or on a not too cold day. Shoulder shawls or lapghans are a great comfort also.

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