November 25, 2008

Socks to hospice and knitting

We handed over the socks to the hospice yesterday. I've told them that they are for the patients and their families use only. It was great to actually take them in and leave them:)
Here you see a picture of them on the table.

Very colourful aren't they?
Here I am handing them over:) Well my feline face had to be in the picture otherwise how would you know it was me?
Then there has been some knitting for Yule gifts
Firstly a more than single moebius cowl. I wanted to see what happened if I twisted more than once when casting on, It is actually rather warm and comfortable around the neck. Not a failure then. Yarn a mix of glittery rayon I believe, mixed with sock yarn and purple mohair.

Then a more conventional moebius cowl with just 1 twist. The rayon/sock yarn mixture but turquoise mohair added. Pattern a mix of stocking stitch/rib.
This is the BFL double knit yarn I dyed recently. Socks are for a gift also, I'd like to keep these but I'll make myself some once the frenzy of festive knitting is over.
I've been asked about next years projects. I'll be knitting with double knit or thicker yarns mainly because my hands are so bad at the moment that I can't feel fine yarns. Also for some reason they have decided to break out in excema once more:(


Anonymous said...

What an achievement! The BW Party hereby accords you many tax credits for your generosity :)

I'm intrigued by how you get the twists in those neck warmer thingys? And do you knit them in the round on circular pins?

Lesley said...

Hi Amber

The socks look lovely and I'm sure they will be well loved by their new owners :-)

As for the excema - have you ever tried udder cream? You can read about it on the website

I love the stuff so much I've become a retailer of it - in a very small way. I've hardly had any bother with excema since I started using it.

BabyLongLegs said...

Oh wow.....Amber!!!
Fantastic achievement my lovely.....
You should be very proud of yourself, and the fact you'll make so many feet (and therefore people) very warm and happy!!!

Big Hugs!!!

S xXx

Cinders said...

well done on donating all those socks. I know my mum who has cancer suffers terribly woth cold feet during chemo so I'm sure they'll be much appreciated. I love the colour of your DK socks

Anonymous said...

You can easily start a little shop... nice, those yellow orange ones.

FairiesNest said...

It is wonderful of you to make those beautiful socks to donate, excellently done! The lovely sunshne ones at the end would make a perfect solstice present! :)

Artis-Anne said...

Gosh Amber they look amazing all together and yet again congratulatuions and huge thanks for all the hard work and effort that you put into making these things for charities. On to bigger and even bettr things for next year and in the meantime you are still as busy as ever my friend twisting around your moebius ;)

maylin said...

I am so impressed with all those socks - that must be a pair a week!

I have just tagged you check out the details on my blog.

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