November 08, 2008

I'm back and I have knitting

It is true, I'm back and I DO have knitting to show you. I also have a very long picture filled post to follow this sometime later.
This lady and her other half have been visiting for several days and sadly had to return home today.
Then this lady and her other half came over to join us last night . We had a great evening with much merriment and lots of knitting. Oh and a little alcohol may have been imbibed as well:)
It didn't stop the knitting though. I'll let Anne show her knitting off and Ursula show her crafting but for me here is a little of what this week had on offer.
Anne persuaded(forced) me to start the feather and fan comfort shawl and here you see the first 41 rows in my autumn hand dyed mohair. I'm actually enjoying it now that it is growing.
Then I finished another pair of hospice socks. sock yarn knit double for a teenagers socks. Gorgeous colours and very very soft.
It has been a great week with like minded people and both Mr Mog and I were very sorry to see them returning home. They came bearing gifts and left much too soon.


Artis-Anne said...

LOL did I really force you ? like I forced you to do magic loop and dyeing too :) You are doing brilliantly at it and its growing faster than mine too :)
What a great night we had didn't we and how I wish we lived nearer so that we could have our stitch without the bitch evenings !!

Laal Bear said...

It was great evening Amber , pity we couldn't stay longer . U x

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