November 08, 2008

A trip around Cumbria,very long

While Artis Anne and Tony were visiting,we decided a little trip to Cumbria would be in order
and a visit to see Cecilia via the Wool Clip would make it even better.
I'm not going to put these in order, it would take much too long and it is far more fun this way. Well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it:) I love trees as you have probably guessed by now and when they are in their winter clothes they are even more beautiful.
This church was stunning and so simple. The views from the grave yard across the lake district hills made it well worth the chill.
The windows welcomed you.

In the field by the church was this strange tree, can you see the monkey's face?

There were also pigs in the same field one of who was exceedingly friendly.
Isn't he gorgeous?

I love the old gravestones.

This church is built on an ancient site It is St Kentigerns. Better pictures here. According to locals The original church was built in the 12th century, it was lengthened in the 13th century; aisle, orch and belfry added in 16th century;
It adjoins a well associated with St Kentigern, who travelled here, baptising converts, about AD700 although we didn't see the well sadly. Some of us(??) were more interested in the pigs.
The trees on the way to Caldbeck were in full autumn plumage and stunning.
At Priests Mill Mr Mog took a walk down to the water to take these pictures. You can see that there has been much rain lately.
Quite a bit I'd say, wouldn't you?

At Priest's Mill is the marvellous Wool Clip home of many fibery things. No I didn't buy anything but some of us did:)
I was very tempted though.
Wouldn't you be?

This was on the doorway of the small building by the church in Caldbeck
I love the hearts.
They were on this building. I wondered if it was a form of Lych gate? Hearts for the weddings that took place there maybe?
The church was lovely, built of local stone.
I wonder if this was the rector's house in days gone by?

The Wool clip shares Priest's mill with other shops and a yummy cafe. We had sweet potato and carrot soup there. Mr Mog had a sandwich of Wensleydale cheese with onion marmalade alongside and I had Cumbrian ham with onion marmalade. Filled a gap nicely and I could have eaten one of the cakes but we hadspiced apple cake to look forward to later on our journey.
The mill tempts you in with all the signs and the trees, never mind the shops.

From there we were off to visit Cecilia, was this her home? No this was in the middle of Hesket Newmarket as we left Caldbeck.
Wonder if anyone is buried here?
Is this the house?
No? Are you sure?
We had to have another close up just to make sure.
Could that shaft of light be pointing the way?

I am sure it is
This barn isn't the place but I loved the mix of animals and buildings.
Soon be there
Just a few more trees
just because
I love them so much.

We had a great time with Cecilia and enjoyed coffee and spiced apple cake. It was wonderful to see all the things she is making and the colours in her knitting /spinning room. None of us wanted to leave but we had a long journey home.
Anne and Tony left today and it is quiet without them and their lovely dogs. Some friends are good to be with but its nice to have your home back. Not these 2, they were more family than friends.
Come back soon


Artis-Anne said...

Great photos Amber and a truly wonderful time had by us also. Just went by way too fast :( ; roll on the next time we get together :)
Thank you both yet again for making us feel so very much at home; so much so that I could have moved in ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for coming! It was a lovely treat, wonderful to see you all :)


alltangledup said...

oh you must had had a lovely time. it looks so gorgeous in the autumn. i love cumbria

Jean said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, this place is sooo beautiful, the buildings, the trees and the river.

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