November 18, 2008

Final total of socks knit for hospice.Oh and a winner or two:)

Here you see in all their glory the results of a years knitting for the hospice. Go ahead and count them. Yes there are 39 pairs of socks ready to go to St Johns Hospice next week:))

Another shot of the 39 pairs just because Mr Mog took several pictures:)
I can't thank you all enough for the yarn donations and the encouragement throughout the year. I never dreamed there would be so many pairs back in January when I started. To think I hoped for 13 pairs back then:)
If I think of all the other knitting I've done, socks, shawls, hats etc for family and gifts I am so pleased that I could knit so many. They kept me going through Mr Mog's daily radiotherapy, they came on journeys to Wales and across England. Where would I have been without a pair of socks in progress?
These 39 pairs will bring much comfort and warmth I am sure. Each will have a card attached with washing instructions and a note saying that they were knit with the help and kindness of many people across the world
Thank you my friends.

Now I did mention a contest didn't I?
There are 39 pairs and 2 people guessed correctly
Emma and Perran.
We had a draw from those 2 as it was going to be 1 prize and Emma won. congratulations Emma please contact me with your address:)
It seemed a little unfair that Perran didn't get something so I will be sending a prize winging her way also. Congratulations Perran.
Commiserations to the rest of you. There is always next year:)


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!!! That's really an awesome amount of socks :)

Congrats winners .


Unknown said...

Very impressive!! The socks look great.

Priestess~Harper said...


That's a lot of socks. :)

Emma said...

Awww fantastic.....thank you so much.....I'm not sure where to get in contact with you to give you my address. I'm easily confused! lol! Well done on all your socks!

Crobbles said...

That truly is a lot of love filled socky goodness. They look so beautiful set out in a cycle. Your charitable knitting is something I aspire to.
Perran was over the moon when I told her she had won and decreed that we must dye enough yarn for all the lunar months worth of hats scarves and mittens! We will certainly do our months again... who knows how many more we'll do!

aniexma said...

That's incredible! And didn't you make a number of shawls too!?!

Tammy said...

That's 78 single socks, meaning you are a fast knitter!! More than 1 sock in a week. I can not compete with you woman!! Those are going to be some lucky recipients at hospice!!

Tan said...

Beautiful! I'm so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Well done! And a great idea to attach washing instructions and some info on their provenance (how I hate that increasingly trendy word...).

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I agree with blue witch. How awful if someone puts your socks in the washing machine! Shudder. The thought scares me. Nightmare visions of pairs of felted socks.
Well done on all of those pairs of socks in one year.

Diane said...

Wow that's a whole lot of socks. I love all the different colors. Give yourself a big pat on the back.

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