November 17, 2008

Final pair of socks for the hospice done:)))))

Here you go , the final pair of socks for the hospice year of socks. What do you think?
Yarn was a mixture and came out beautifully purple. Shoe size 4, 36?
So guesses are now closed on the number of pairs of socks and I'll let you know the final score tomorrow when we get them all out of the drawer and photographed. It is too dark now.
I can't thank everyone enough for all the generous donations and help received throughout this year. I'm very pleased with the amount of socks knit. After all it was supposed to be a lunar year of socks, 1 pair for each lunar month. That would have given me 13 pairs of socks and at the beginning of this year I'd have said it would be a struggle to do that number.
Yvonne have you any idea what you unleashed when you started me on the slippy slope to sock knitting last October?
Next years hospice knitting is definitely going to be a scarf, hat and fingerless gloves for each lunar month. Or is it? Who knows how many we will end up with.
As always donations will be very gratefully received.
Thank you again


Artis-Anne said...

Huge congratulations to you on your last pair of socks Amber and as always they are gorgeous and we will all look forward to following your next challenge and of course you will have my support :)(certainly with yarn LOL)

Rosie said...

Amber: You are amazing! Those socks (no matter how many pairs) will bring so much warmth and comfort.

Emma said...

I love these socks, well done on all of your lovely knits! What sort of wool would you like donated? I'd love to send you some.

Emma x

Roobeedoo said...

Oh well done! I am always astonished to see yet another few pairs appearing on the blog - I'll be interested to se the final count!

Diane said...

Give me the warm fuzzies just thinking about how someone will have comfort found in a warm pair of socks just when they could use a little kindness in their world.

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