November 02, 2008

More socks finished and a contest

Another pair of socks for the hospice and my first pair for November. Thanks to Cecilia for the 2 yarns I used together. I love the heathered background and the colour changes in these.
Now a contest for you. The hospice lunar year of socks ends next month and all the socks will be going off to the hospice. My question is, how many pair of socks will I be taking them? Certainly far more than the original 13 pairs I'd hoped to make when I started back in January, 1 for each lunar month. It may or may not be the total you have seen on my blog, there may be others I haven't shown, there again there may not be:)
Prize for the first correct answer, if there is more than 1 I'll draw for it.
Prize is a Yule femme and a skein of yarn.
Several (lots) of people have asked what next years challenge will be. Last year was a year of shawls, this year socks. Well I've had several ideas for next years hospice knitting/crafting:-
1/ a different sock pattern a month
2/ a set of femmes, 1 for each month. Not strictly knitting but they do use yarn.
3/? insert your idea here.
I don't want to knit big things like clothes, that takes away the portability aspect. I also don't want to do very complicated stuff such as fair isle, again takes away the fun.
so what would you suggest I make for my hospice appeal next year? If I use your idea there will be a prize of a femme in your elemental sign


Emma said...

I have only recently found your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

I think you will be taking 39 pairs of socks with you.

Not sure about next years challenge but I will have a think!

Emma x

Just Me said...

I'd choose gloves, or fingerless mittens, or fingerless mittens that have added tops (I think that latter one is a bit complicated really but you get the picture). I know that when I or Himself are feeling under the weather we sometimes feel the cold in our extremities and that means hands as well as feet. I've often taken to wearing an old pair of chenille type gloves in the house when I'm feeling the cold. Fingerless would be great for me, for instance, as then I could still be knitting but my hands would have something cosy on them. I have a pair on my To Do List. I just haven't got round to them yet.

Lesley said...

Hi Amber

How about fingerless gloves? Certainly small and portable and I've seen some nice patterns on Ravelry.

Well done on the amount of socks you have knitted :-) - 30 pairs?

Suemoon said...

Anything you do will be magical.

Thank you for your continued positivity wishes, it always means so much to me.



HaveFaith said...

I think you will have 17 pair of socks to take to hospice. One idea for next year would be a sleeping cap. My best friend's father was 102 when he died but for several years prior to that (because he was very bald) he wore a very finely knit hat to bed. This would have to be made of very soft fingering so it would be gentle to the skin. It is said that most body heat is lost if the head is not covered. Good luck with your ideas. This is so nice what you do.

LizzieK8 said...

I guess 30 pair of socks and how about hats for the next challenge? Quick, portable, easy.....

Laal Bear said...

I'm trying this again . My puter wasn't playing nice last night. I think you have made 44 pairs of socks for the Hospice.My idea for next year is why not knit mittens and hats . There's lots of different patterns . You could even try colour work :-)))))) Ursula

Anonymous said...

I'm going to say 23 pairs of socks.

What about a drawstring ( or other easy opening ) bag? I know the couple of times i've been bedridden it was very handy to have my lotion, pen and paper, book and toiletries in a bag on the bedpost. Easy to reach so i didn't have to call anyone.

I like the nightcap idea too. Will you be asking other people to do this as well this time? Say in our own towns?

ikkinlala said...

I'm going to guess that you'll have 27 pairs of socks to take them. I can't think of anything suitable to knit next year that hasn't already been suggested (my first thought was fingerless gloves), but I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

Crobbles said...

My first though was mittens. I'm doing some now using magic loop and I'm really enjoying it.
Hats are a great option too, top down, brim up even sideways like Woollywormhead's. So many shapes to explore.
I think you'll be taking 37 pairs of glorious socks to the Hospice, and Perran says 39.

Vicky xx

Anonymous said...

Those socks are lovely! I'm glad the wool has been put to good use :)

I like the fingerless gloves idea. They are so useful - I'm wearing some now!

Cecilia xxx

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