September 12, 2008

Zeitgeist, otherwise known as I've been thinking

Has anyone seen the movie Zeitgeist? A friend rang me last night and sent me the link. I've watched it today and found it very disturbing and also very affirming in some ways.
Not easy to watch as flashing images ,never mind content, can make my head spin.
I'll backtrack first:-
From a very young age , I'd say early teens, I've wanted to do some kind of comparison or correspondence tree to map out the links and similarities between various gods, goddesses and religious figures. I've never got round to it. I've done some research and I've done some linking but you know how it is, life intrudes.
I've always known that various figures have the same attributes, different pantheons corresponding with each other. This movie goes into my early beginnings and goes further. It disturbs me and I don't like that. I think I've become too mired in day to day stuff and lost sight of the bigger picture. This has made me think and that is good, it has also taken me back to my early beginnings into pagan research and for that I'm excited. I have the itch back.
But the rest of the movie disturbs me,I need to watch it again as a lot went over my head, too many facts.
Have you seen it? Any thoughts?
The second part is out on the Internet 3rd October and I'll be watching.
Bad day today, took ill in town spacey, light headed, hot sewats. A little better after eating but my head isn't where it ought to be. Think a lie down and a restful evening is in order.


maylin said...

Sorry to here you are not well, I hope a relaxing evening will sort you out. I am in Somerset for the opening of a friends ceramic studio this week but will check out Zeitgeist when I get back to broadband.

It is Somerset Arts Week here and on Sunday we are going to view a potter in Glastonbury. Hugs to you both from the land of mist.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the movie but it looks very interesting, so I'm going to try and watch it this weekend.

Regarding your early research, have you read "The White Goddess" by Robert Graves? It's a poetic - (rather than scholarly) - analysis of myth & religion.

Hope you're feeling better today. *HUG*

Spindlers2 said...

I read a slim volume on just this subject years ago. Recently, I've been trying to find more, as it is so fascinating, how one belief system grows out of another. I had forgotten about the White Goddess - but I really want something with a more modern perspective.
Thanks for the link to Zeitgeist. And, hope you are feeling better today!

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