September 27, 2008

Something different:)

something different for you to see today. When I last visited Artis Anne we dyed yarns. We also dyed some fleece that Wye Sue sent us. Here you see one of the results of it.
Put locks of fleece together and stitch together, add yet more locks from Cecelia and what do you end up with?
Also add in a couple of bells, some beads
a felt heart and more bells,

add a sea starfish
a magpies feather
et voila, you have a free form scarf. You will hear me coming and I guess I will be hard to miss anyway with these colours.


Crobbles said...

What a fantastic way to create a scarf, very inspiring

aniexma said...

It's fabulous! Looks like tons of fun to make. Did it take you long to do?

Rosie said...

That is stunning, the blend of colours, texture and found objects is amazing! How did you stitch the locks together?

Jean said...

This scarf is unconventional and daring! the colors in person must be surreal and will be a nice relief for the people surrounding you when your days grow misty and grey, this will cheer them up instantly.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I agree with Jean that it is so uncomventional and daring but it is just SO you!

Lovely colours. I am sure that you will enjoy wearing it so much once the dreary winter months set in. Your personal splash of colour

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! What an amazing way to create something. How lovely...!

Anonymous said...

Creative thinking! Great result.

Artis-Anne said...

it really is an amazing creation and even better in the flesh ....... you are inspiring as always love :)

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