September 20, 2008

Rainbow socks done and a visit with a Laal Bear

Rainbow socks are finished, they look just like the colours around us today with the sun shining and all.
Sock yarn hand dyed by me
We had visitors today, The Laal Bear and Mr Laal Bear came to see us. It is always good to meet up with like minded people and we enjoyed ourselves greatly. After lunch we went up to the prom where the lifeboats were out and the rescue helicopter doing practices. The prom was heaving and very few spaces to park. Good for the town though. We enjoyed the day very much and left the Laal Bears taking pictures, going for fish and chip tea and awaiting the sun going down for some sunset photos. I came home to rest. I've felt spacey and yuck most of the day and pills did no good at all. Some of it was the bad night(again) but some is just my body doing its usual. It certainly helped to have visitors though.


Cinders said...

I like your socks

Cinders said...

I like your socks

Laal Bear said...

It was lovely to see you both. Got some stunning pics of the Sunset:-)

LOL The Bears x

Jean said...

The rainbow socks are quite colorful and should cheer up anyone who has the blas. I checked out LAAL's blog and enjoyed her photos, sharing time with friends is the best medicine.

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