September 15, 2008

The dyed yarns and Noro sock yuck:(

I thought you might like to see the yarns I dyed now they are dry. I am so pleased with them and I'm looking forward to knitting with them.

Firstly a group picture, just because
This is a mix of tan brown and chestnut brown and is for the October solid sock KAL. The yarn was a gift from Laal Bear:)
This is for the November solid sock KAL and is a mix of buttercup yellow and acid yellow. Yarn is BFL/tencel from Andy. So silky and I haven't knit with tencel before.

This yarn was gifted by Cae and is for the December solid socks. The colour is a mix of scarlet red and intense red.

This is from Andy also and is BFL. This isn't for any theme but just because:) I love variegated and these colours were just waiting for me to chose them. A mix of turquoise, vivid violet and cerulean blue. Isn't it lovely and strong? I'm calling this deep waters.
I really loved creating my own colour choices and I'll be interested to see how these knit up over the next 3 months.

Then we have a complaint.

This is Noro sock yarn, gifted for my hospice socks. I knit up to the heel start and all the way I could see brighter colours . As you can see I haven't yet started on them, not that that is a problem. It is part of the excitement of using Noro yarns. My complaint is that in that short distance to the start of the heel, the yarn has snapped or been broken 3 times. Yes 3 times I've had to spit join. It also goes from one thickness to another which normally wouldn't be a problem, but when the 2nd thickness is actually like sewing cotton that isn't good for knitting.
I'm glad I tried it as I do love Noros colours, but I won't be knitting with it again.
Oh and another thing is that it doesn't run smooth across the needles, you almost have to push and pull it which makes it hard on the hands for knitting. And it is incredibly coarse and rough to the touch. Now I know many folks have said that improves when you wash it. That's fine but I for one don't want to have to skein the yarn, wash it, reskein it all before I knit. Would you?
I do appreciate being given the opportunity to try it, I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I'm just giving my honest opinion.
Full moon today and Autumn Equinox is almost upon us. A time of harvest but also a time to let go and make space in your life for something else to come in. That can be on all levels, not just by spiritually letting go. It can also be clearing things in the home, an autumn cleaning to allow space for creativity and new happenings.
I've been sending some stuff out as Raks and I'm clearing old books I know I won't want to read again.
All helps:)


jordi said...

I may be in the minority, but I am with you on Noro. I tried it and was surprised by how much I was unenamoured by it. I'll take Koigu any day, colors are great and the yarn just feels better to knit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amber, the thing with the broken yarn or finding knots is a common complaint with Noro. I don't like this yarn. I do like your dyed skeins. Such bright colours. Very nice. I seem to be in a pastel period :-)so, that's quite the opposite.

Crobbles said...

I love your semi-solid colours, particularly the Deep Waters. Something I'd like to try now. I'm looking forward to seeing them knit up too.

We have been watching the moon here in Menorca. She is very big and very bright. It has been fabulous to sit under the canopy of the stars and look up with no clouds to mar the view.

Rosie said...

What lovely yarns (especailly those rich browns). I've been dyeing away yesterday and today and have astonished myself by doing quite a few pretty pastels. Must be that equinox...I've certainly had to do a lot of cleaning up in the kitchen this evening: dye spattered all over the place (LOL).

I've not tried Noro Sock yet, but have some ready to be knitted into a tank top. It doesn't sound much good for the parts of a sock that get a lot of wear (I'm thinking of heels and toes).

Anonymous said...

Deep Watters is beautiful :)

That Noro yarn sounds like I've spun it... that is, badly!!!

Kath said...

I'm glad of your review of the Noro Amber as I'd eyed some up for Mum, swayed as always by the colours. But like you said I though it looked uneven and was rough to the touch - why do we all fall for it then? And for the price there are loads of nicer yarns out there. End Rant! Your yarns look brilliant and far nicer then the Noro - well done!

Diane said...

I almost fell for buying the noro sock yarn because of the colors ... until I remembered working on a felted bag and finding at least 3 knots in each skein. I'm not going to pay a lot of money for a yarn that has no quality control.

Anonymous said...

I was excited to hear that Noro had a sock yarn out. Until I actually saw and felt it in my hands.

No thanks! I don't like it either.

beth (big geek)

Unknown said...

Loved your photos of the newly dyed yarns! bravo to you.

SO glad you posted about the Noro Sock yarn. I too, received some as a gift. I was very happy to have the opportunity to use this yarn- and i don't want to appear ungreatful. ...
but i had all the same problems you've mentioned. So glad it's not just me !
I've finally decided i won't be finishing up the socks. I can't bear to keep going with this pesky yarn. So rough to use and SO slubby !

maylin said...

Your yarn looks lovely and much nicer than the Noro, Maybe you can use it for a felting project, it might be easier to knit loose and felting will deisguise everything else.

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