September 24, 2008

Sunset and the start of the mohair shawl

Thought I would try and get some sunset pictures last night while babysitting. The sky started to cloud towards sunset despite being clear all day, typical:) However they weren't too bad I don't think.

We were in the middle of the countryside and it is quite flat on the Fylde so it helped.
Being outside taking these you could feel the chill in the air and the smell of autumn. When we were on the prom earlier in the day it looked as if the back mountains in the lakes were showing snow and it felt like it.

Hard not to get power lines in.
starting to fade
maybe not just yet
the view the opposite way over the pennines and trough of bowland
Here is the start of the hand dyed mohair shawl. I'm calling it sea drift:)
I love how the colours are coming out.


Anonymous said...

Wow...those colours on the shawl are really knitting up nice!

Laal Bear said...

The pics look very moody . Love the shawl it looks like gossamer . Ursula x

Jean said...

Fall sunsets and love the fact that you can feel the chill in the air (we are having a heatwave in So. California, so I've been hiding indoors - I can't wait for it to cool down). The colors of your new shawl remind me of the Hawaiian ices I get at Shakas, the greens and blues begin to drift thru the ice - just like your shawl.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous all of them.

No sunset here last night. No sun...

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