September 03, 2008

Update on market post

I had a comment on my blog about my market post and my writing of it. I wasn't being a bigot to my knowledge and if I was I'm sorry it came across that way.
All the markets I go to have veg etc open and unwrapped but things such as cakes and cheese are under a cover of some sort. This market I wrote about didn't have that and had people smoking over the food which I don't call good hygiene by any means and had people sneezing and coughing into their hands then serving cakes with no gloves.The only reason I mentioned nationality was because the market was advertised as a continental market with stallholders from across Europe, no other reason.
This blog is written for me as a record of knitting I've done, day to day stuff and my hospice projects, not as a political or ranting blog although sometimes I do write what I feel. It isn't done to inflame.


Joy said...

Have a virtual hug from me Amber. Basic food hygeine is basic food hygeine no matter who/what/where is involved.

My blog is a bit like yours - a bit of knitting and a bit of life. Most importantly, it is MY blog, for ME, just like yours is.

There are thousands of blogs out there for folk to read if they don't like what someone writes!

For what it's worth, you didn't come across as a bigot to me.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who that person was (have they even commented before?), but I agree with everything you say Amber.

England needs protecting from foreigners with lower standards than our own. When in Rome... erm, or in England, do as the nationals do. Or go somewhere else.

It's *not* being bigoted to complain about declining standards due to foreign influxes within our own country. It's factual and reality. And don't let it put you off writing / awareness raising about such things.

Blogland needs more of this type of writing, because if we don't speak out, things will deteriorate even further. Please don't ever geel teh need to apologise for writing as you see things. It's your blog, your prerogative. If people don't like it, well, there are millions of other blogs out there...

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