September 16, 2008

Watermill magics(For BW)

Today we visited the watermill at Little Salkeld near Penrith. A rainy day but we still enjoyed ourselves. We started out in Penrith itself meeting up with Cecelia for coffee and cherry scones at the Bluebell bookshop and then having a look around the market and farmers market. It was lovely to see Cecelia again and to visit the bluebell. It is quite a few years since Mr Mog and I went there. The farmers market yielded some goodies to take home. 2 ham shanks for soup, 1 of which is bubbling away as we speak in the midst of pea and ham soup. We also picked up a blackberry sage as we lost ours some time ago.
From there we meandered up to the watermill. We wanted to stock up on some of their flour and maybe to sample more soup for a late lunch. The cafe was empty so we had lunch first. There was a choice of tomato or vegetable soup served with several different breads. We both plumped for tomato and it was really rich and tasty.
Then from the shop 6kg of unbleached flour and 3 kg of 85% flour for our bread making. We added to this some leaf tea and a jar of borage honey. Last time we didn't have the camera so no photos . This time we came prepared. In no particular order we have:-
orchard fruits in abundance

lots of free range hens and ducks around. This one was obviously camera struck.
Elderberries are ripening nicely.
I love hidden corners and arches leading to woodland so this fit perfectly.
The mill race.
More trees, just because.

Part of the mill stream and the red bridge leads you along to see the 2 wheels.
This is the smaller of the two. This one is used for winnowing.Used to be used for oats but not for past 150 years.
Notice all the ferns growing around.
This gate leads to the bigger wheel
You can just see it peaking through. Not easy to photograph as the gate was locked.
Front of the mill, notice the hen?
Isn't the colour lovely with the trees?
Hens were in here last time we came, but all out and about today.
Here is our friend again.

Upstairs in the mill, Mr Mog went up to take these.
And again,still upstairs.
Just look at these lovely stones outside.

Entry to the mill itself


Hope you enjoyed the brief views of the watermill, a great place to visit if you are up in Cumbria.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures. We went to the Watermill when we were in the Lakes earlier in the year - the food was absolutely delicious!

Laal Bear said...

What a lot of pics . Me and DH are now planning a trip up there it looks gorgeous. Did I tell you i was a qualified baker in a former life . I've got all the certificates , :-)))) Ursula

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Thanks for sharing your watermill photos with me.
I am glad that you had a good day out despite the rain.
It's nice to get out and about and see things that are interesting.
My mum used to make pea and ham soup so your blog took me back to the tastes of childhood.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thoroughly enjoyed that (and noted the BW Blue doors!). Sorry, have only just seen this post - life has been hectic and absent!

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