September 18, 2008

Fruit on the trees, sandstone socks

Firstly lets have some work in progress pictures shall we? Second sock now on the heel flap. Yarn is the one I dyed.
This beauty is the yarn Vicky dyed for the Harvest Moon. It is so gorgeous and remind me of sandstone striations. I enjoyed knitting this very much and have the second sock on its way also. The first sock took just 2 nights knitting, not bad is it?
I've decided NOT to give up on the noro yarn. I will go back to knitting the socks because I don't like to be beat. Also this yarn was very kindly gifted for the Hospice appeal and I'm sure they would prefer it knit up as socks rather than donated as a ball of yarn, don't you?
Then we went for a little stroll along the promenade today and I got Mr Mog to photograph these beauties to see if anyone can identify please? They have flowered all summer and smell very much like sandalwood or frankincense. Both the leaves and the flowers. Anyone name it?
Then as we are coming up to Autumn Equinox it seemed apt to photograph some of natures fruitfulness.
brambles anyone?

The above 2 photographs remind me of strings of tomatoes:) It is pretty wonderful though when you think all these were taken right by the very windy beach.


Sue Krekorian said...

Your mystery scented flowering shrubs are Escallonia. We used to have some in our garden and I miss it very much. The bees loved it.

gilraen said...

Beautiful yarn!!! It reminds me of the Wollmeise Paul colourway. :)

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I hate it when some yarns put me off my knitting.

I am going to slide my latest sock onto spare needles as although the wool is looking good and lovely and soft the wool is splitting like mad and I can't get on with them as I am constantly back tracking to rectify splits.It has been on the needle for ages now.

I think if I try to carry on then it will put me off sock knitting. Like you I will return to the wool one day but in the meantime I am going to start another pair with "easier to knit" wool.

maylin said...

We have been having a massive clearout for a couple of weeks now and still going. I hope it leaves room for lots of good new things to come in.

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