January 30, 2008

Thanks for all the supportive emails yesterday folks I do appreciate it:) Today the sun is shining and it does help tremendously. We had a leisurely start to the day then went into Lancaster to pick up an old friend who has cvome to stay until Friday. Then when we got home the postman had been bringing treasures for both Mr Mog and I. Mr Mog doesn't often get mail, he says just bills, and his nephew sent him a wee gift from border fine arts today. Her name is bessie, isn't she grand? I think that when they visited they saw all the sheep around and thought they were Mr Mogs:))
Then from Shona
all the goodies you see here:) Including tablet:)) I love tablet Shona thank you. She also sent gorgeous sock yarn but also a finished pair of monkey socks for the hospice, aren't they lovely?
It did my heart good to open the package. I have to make a confession here.As I said most mail is for me especially at the minute with the sock yarn and I started to open Mr Mog's package before realising it said his name not mine. He almost lost the thrill of opening it due to my eagerness(VBG)
The pictures above show a group photo of all this months knitting, not a bad haul is it> Then the second pair of socks for the hospice using Wye Sues yarn
The single sock is for me when it gets finished. Enquiring minds may wonder what the tiny object in the group picture is? A pixie sock I'm experimenting with. The reason will become clear to some of you at some stage:))
Thanks again for the cheering up, I do appreciate it


Anonymous said...

As someone said yesterday - you and Mr Mog are in many people's thoughts daily all around the world. I found when my leukemia was first diagnosed that I didn't want to tlak to anyone aobut it except my close family. As time has passed I have found it easier. We have some friends who just couldn't seem to manage, as well as some acquaintances who have become dear friends as they accompanied us on the journey. Our friends are still our friends though! People, and what they can cope with, are very different.
Carpe diem, Judith, Canberra, Australia (cuddlyappliance in UKHK)

Unknown said...

I particularly like the pair unfinished in the 3rd photo down and also the red pair. Good work, Amber.

Roobeedoo said...

LOVE the sheep! Your sock output is making me feel quite ashamed - I am so SLOW in comparison! Great work!

gourdongirl said...

I've been thinking about yesterdays post since I read it. I haven't been reading your blog long so am not up to speed with Mr Mog's illness, however that doesn't meen I can't be there for either of you.Close friends often find it difficult to express how they feel and instead of saying the wrong thing or showing their emotions (us Brits and our stiff upper-lip thing!)they stay away. However thats not what you need right now, you need the support and hugs, the chance to express how you feel about what is going on. You and Mr Mog also need to communicate, that can be very difficult. I also have a DH who bottles stuff up and won't talk. It might be useful to you both if you were to write things down in a journal, to share or keep secret, whatever you feel comfortable with. That way you can express anger, sadness, happiness, frustration safely without hurting each other. OK this is a long post so I will stop now. You can PM me anytime, but remember you are both in my thoughts. {{{{HUGS}}}}

BTW glad the package arrived safe.

Anonymous said...

Amber -
My husband went through prostate cancer surgery and radiation in 2001, and still takes meds. I have been thinking about you and Mr. Mog, but just didn't know what to say. But please do know you have one more reader near Yosemite, CA, who is thinking good thoughts about you and your husband.
Please take care of YOURSELF too - it's so important. Maybe journalling as suggested above? When DH went through his surgery I was working and had a couple of co-workers that saved my sanity ... They barely knew him, but they were there for me. Any girlfriends or knit-buddies nearby?

Best wishes to both of you.

Beverly in CA, USA

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