January 27, 2008

more socks finished:) more gorgeous yarn and oh yes a winner:)

Lots to post about today so lets get started:)
Shall we start with the pictures? I know you aren't in a rush to see who Mr Mog chose from the Spring contest(VBG)
First picture has yarn from the lovely Artis-Anne along with a picture of my favourite place in Wales Portmerion. Haven't been in over 20 years so this brought back good memories, thank you Anne.
Second picture is hand dyed especially for Hare and Harvest moons by Vicky and her daughter
Aren't they lovely colours?
I feel so lucky that I get to knit all these colours for the next year, thank you everyone for keeping the yarn coming.
I've actually finished my Dennis the Menace socks, for Mr Mog these not part of the hospice lot although I do have some yarn left and I'm thinking of maybe making a pair with it mixed with say black? I loved the feel of this yarn wish I knew what it was as I'd love more.
The next sock is also a me sock from some trekking I purchased after seeing Jane Yarnstorms marmalade socks:) Maybe I'll keep these as Mr Mog is accumulating a few pairs now.
In hospice socks I'm on with the second in the Admiral R Druck from Wye Sue. This will be 2 pairs for hospice for January which I'm pleased at.
Thoughts on sock yarn
Do any of you rewind it before using? I find that the balls of it ,like opal etc the larger balls, don’t sit in my knitting bag and flow comfortably while I’;m knitting.
I finally decided today that I’ll rewind them before using, after all I wind the skeins so its only the same but far easier:)
I NEED a swift, I keep looking on ebay but haven’t managed to get one yet. Its hard winding skeins without and both Mr Mog and I get achey holding the yarn.
Been quiet for a few days as I am having lots of pain and I’m really sore even with all the pain killers. It is keeping me awake which isn't good either. Mr Mog has been a little better today, not as depressed as he was. He is busy fitting out the dolls house for grandson #2 who will be 10 in March. He wants it as a car showroom and house so half will be showroom half living quarters. Plus he wants flat roof instead of normal roof to show off cars and a lift to first foor and roof for transporting cars. Not much to ask of a talented grandad:)) Mr Mog has made the lift, some teething troubles as we speak but essentially done. It has a chain pullet to move it from ground to first floor and roof. Now we need to figure out a large showroom window, think it will have to be something like perspex.
So enough already with the chit chat, you all want to know who won the contest?
The winner
chosen by Mr Mog

Jo from Freestyle fibre
Congratulations Jo, can you email me with your address please so I can send you your prize.
amber dot moggie at virgin dot net
Sorry I couldn't send everyone prizes but there will be another giveaway soon


Artis-Anne said...

Glad the yarn was okay and remember we are just up the road from Portmeirion :)
Sorry to hear that you have been in pain , so frustrating isn't it ? I do hope you can find something to give ease you. We now have memory mattress which I find helps even if I don't sleep its a lot more comfortable.
Thank goodness our crafts help to take our mind off our ailments at times and those socks look great .You are truly churning them out now. You must post a picture of Mr Mogs efforts also :)
Here's hoping that things are better for you both soon.

Craftydramaqueen said...

The Trekking sock is a lovely colour. Well done on knitting so many socks! Sending you good wishes and hugs xx

Alice said...

The yarn is utterly beautiful. And I love those red/black socks.

Crobbles said...

So glad you like the colours. Perran an dI had a great time.
Sorry to hear about your pain. We swear by our memory foam mattress too. Sadly they're not cheap but they do have mattress toppers.

Linda said...

Well done to the winner! the yarn is lovely in the pictures. I hope the pain eases up. x

Joanna said...

I'm so thrilled to have won Amber, I've seen quite a few of your elemental figures in blogland lately, I never thought I would win, made my day! Great Dennis socks. You should get a handy Mr Mog to make a skeinwinder, I will send a link in the e-mail!

Roobeedoo said...

Down with pain! Onwards and upwards with socks! Love the Dennis the Menace ones - if you ever find out what the yarn is, do let us know!

Diane said...

I think it's adorable that your hubby is redesigning a doll house for your grandson. What a great idea to change things around to fit to make a classic girl toy into something a young man can be proud of.

Sorry you are in pain. Hope you feel better soon.

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