January 20, 2008

yarn pron and FOs not just socks:))

A lot of pictures for you today:) Lets start at the top should we? Ladies and gentlemen I give you sock pair #2 for January. Well at least almost sock 1 of sock pair 2 if yousee what I mean? Using the Admiral R DRuck from Wye Sue and it knits up beautifully. Haven't tried this yarn before but will again. It feels so smooth working in this. As you can see I'm staying with the tried and tested simple sock:) It epitomises a UK winter for me, the ice cold, the blue skies on frosty days, the grey of the rainy days. Perfect for wolf moon:)
Following on from that is the felted ear flap hat. Hasn't it felted well? Size to fit a teenager I think, too small for me but I do have a big head:)) Modelled by Lydias part sister(VBG) Lucretia. Sadly Lucretia can only take on small modelling roles but she does it admirably.
She displays the latest Calorimetry
This was made in Colinette mohair because I wanted something warm and vibrant. I think you will agree with the vibrant?
Next picture is some yarn I purchased from Germany trekking. I'd seen some gorgeous juicy socks on Jane Yarnstorms blog
loved the colour and thought they would be really cheery for Mr Mog to wear, and trekking seemed so apt for his trek each day for radiotherapy:)
Somehow another colour slipped in there also:)
Next up we have 2 balls of Admiral be druckt , the orangey one, and Admiral R Druck the multi one. from Yvonne
Yvonne as you know was my last SP:)
Final picture is from Maylin
Tiger feet . I've seen this knit up and love it:)
THanks everyone for your most generous donations I appreciate it.
Bless you all for being so thoughtful.
Today it is raining once more so no promenade methinks. I'm going to get back to the sock knitting for a change:)
Seemed funny last night knitting something other than socks, must come up with a simpe felted bag pattern to do with the loft I showed you the other day. Any suggestions?


Marianne said...

The hat felted beautifully! and I love your Calorimetry, it IS vibrant!
Those are some gorgeous sock yarns and I tend to use those patterned yarns with the plain and simple and very muched loved sock pattern :^)

Anonymous said...

wow...you are doing great for 2008!

Rosie said...

What a gorgeous hat, and I lvoe Calorimetry. I also love the Admiral sock yarns, which I found on the Knit n Caboodle stall at Ally Pally but I've been using them to crochet curly twirly scarves (really must take a pic for my blog).

FairiesNest said...

I finally figured out how to find your blog...slow learner alert...I love the ear flap hat! It looks super cozy-warm. Great to meet a fellow crow, DeLint fan!

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous your felted hat. And I love your socks. Great yarns too. I think of you both.

twellve said...

am loving your Calorimetry in the Colinette!

maylin said...

Wow a sock yarn that has a picture of a cat cuddling yarn! You have to love that.

I too like the methodical rhythm of knitting plain vanilla socks, it seems very reassuring somehow and the yarns are so great they don't need a pattern.

I must try calorimetry you have made so many beautiful ones.

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