January 22, 2008

The fruit is out there:)) and yarn, glorious yarn

A little rant first then some pictures or is it pictures first? I can never tell with blogger. Ah we have picture of sock first. Second pair for this month using the Admiral D Ruck from Wye Sue. Isn't it a gorgeous blend of colours?
The rant:-
last week my liquidiser/blender lost a blade. It was a great blender from Lidl 3 years ago and it has been used everyday since then. I make fresh smoothies each day for Mr Mog and I. Live yoghurt, a little juice to wet the mixture and then a variety of different fruits. I try to aim for 6 or 7 different ones every day. Bananas, apples, pears, blueberries, grapes, mango, kiwi fruit at the moment. Anyway I digress. The liquidiser broke. I thought it was an easy matter to procure another. Oh no it isn't, not if you want to do strange things like blend fruit and yoghurt. We tried Lidl/Aldi but none on the offers and no idea when they would have.
First off we went for cheap and cheerful at asda, took it home all unsuspecting and tried to make the smoothie. Large lumps of fruit left, banana at that so not exactly the hardest to blend. Took it back, got the nextup in price one from there. Same thing happened only more fruit left even after 3 minutes blending.
Back to shop for refund then off to Tesco. Try their blender, same thing. Took back and asked what did you try to blend? Excuse me?Why would that matter. Refund given.
We then took a trip to our local Argos, thought perhaps we were being too much of a cheapskate(bearing in mind the lidl one only cost something like £13)
This time we found a Moulinex Baileys blender. Was £39.99, reduced to clear £15. really that should have warned us, but the lady said it just wouldn't be in the next catalogue and I've had good Moulinex stuff before so we trundled off home.
Same problems, lumps of fruit you had to strain through your teeth.
Both getting totally frustrated now at the failure to procure exactly what we wanted.
Off to Sainsburys to shop and thought we would look around for? yes you guessed, a blender:)
Found a larger motor, 5 speed plus the pulse and ice crusher we had already had on the other ones. Popped all the fruit and yoghurt etc in this morning, crossed fingers, turned it on and super smooth gorgeous smoothy. Success at last but why did it take so long? The other thing that really niggled, after 1 minute they all said you should leave for a few minutes to rest, then blend again. Also no hot liquids to be placed in it,. Now I have always blended my soups at hot temps in the Lidl one and no probs. Too many instructions and poor workmanship
Hurrah for Sainsburys and they were cheap which was a bonus:))
Now to the yarn:) What fabulous stuff there came in today's mail:) Wollmeise, shades Paul Miss May Vincent and Bob Aren't they lovely and so bright on such a dull day. Not sure what I'll knit with these yet, maybe socks and a shawl. It is sock weight I ordered from Claudia last time she updated the shop.
This is followed by Opal from Dez for my hospice socks and red CP tweed yarn we traded for one of my elementals:) Thanks Dez love the colour.
Finally look at what Erica sent for my hospice appeal, such generosity and such colours. Yarn I've never seen before:) Thank you Erica.


Linda said...

What a lovely lot of yarn! people are generous. I hope you reach your target!

Artis-Anne said...

I am with you re your rant, I had the same problem when I was downsizing from my wonderful Kenwood Chef with all its attachments and I ended up taking two back until I finally bought a Maximix. which does all I need.
Lots of lovely yarns and I love your Wollmeise yarns especially.

Sarah said...

Looking great on the yarn haul - but do email me your details on sarahlburrowsATgmailDOTcom if you would like a little more for the pot.

Dez Crawford said...

Hi luv! received your gorgeous, vibrant and energy-filled doll in yesterday's mail.

She deserves a blog post of her very own -- coming up!

So glad you liked the red CP yarn in exchange. I remembered from an email that you liked "good reds" and I sort of ran my hands over the stash and that yarn said "hello, I want to go live with Amber."

Hope the peach Opal makes happy socks for a cancer patient on the other side of the pond.

Your doll arived just in time to comfort me regarding news of another dear friend being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Oh .. one more thing, she told me her name is "Maggie."

Holly said...

Wow! Amazing yarn. Love those colours.

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